At The Britten Institute, we visualise New Zealand truly becoming a global leader.

We want to embrace a new way of creating value that can change the world for good.  We believe that our principles-based Design Thinking methodology can help to distil values and embed them in all that we do.

It’s possible to create a country that attracts clever and thoughtful people and encourages them to pursue their dreams.  This allows us to work towards leading, teaching and mentoring the world in a new way of thinking, being and creating lasting value for others.


The Britten Institute wants to build a national wave that inspires individuals and New Zealand organisations to develop products and services that truly work for people, planet and profit.


Successful organisations must muster their energies around a greater long-term purpose and must care deeply about what, how and why they do what they do. We cannot wait any longer to capture our advantage.

The Britten Institute has been conceived as a conduit and enabler that will develop the kind of new thinking New Zealand needs as we make decisions about our future