Short Course

Thinking about the wider picture is hard but we love it.

Our two and half hour evening workshops give you a quick dip into what's involved and how you can practice it. We call it "Designing Solutions".

We can also run this stimulating workshop in-house for your team or organisation. Contact us to discuss the options.

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Who is it for?

Anybody who has an interest in improving the value of products, services and systems.

What will you come away with?

Participation in this workshop is guaranteed to increase your interest in everyday things; systems, services, products - why they work and why they don’t.

We will explore the principles that form the basis of great design outcomes. We will uncover the value of involving diverse minds in the creation process and the effective management of differing perspectives. We will demonstrate and validate high quality ideas that meet real human need now and in the future.

These workshops are aimed at a broad audience to encourage diversity of input and maximise the networking potential. We at The Britten Institute believe New Zealand has significant unrealised opportunities to create a lasting and authentic New Zealand brand that your business can leverage.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in creating real value for real people, and a different approach to products and services
— Andrea, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
Thought provoking and practical overview of design process. Great to understand how the process works and what are key elements of good products. Insightful and stimulating, prompting good discussion with interesting participants
— Eric, Global Equity Brokers
We all really enjoyed Dorenda’s style, and appreciated the way in which she got us thinking about things in a different way.  Some actual epiphanies occurred – particularly around the notion that it is sometimes easier to just come up with an idea rather than ask for it to be critiqued by the end user.
— Josie Ogden-Schroeder CEO, YMCA
A fun and stimulating workshop! There is definitely a place for Design Thinking and ‘The Design Principles’ within the research science environment, particularly within science teams and in the development and execution of research programmes.
— Carolyn, Lincoln Research & Innovation
Extremely Valuable Class!! Coming from a scientific background, I had my way of thinking challenged and it was really interesting looking at ideas from different angles.
— Tom
Really enjoyed the class, being a definite ‘analytical’ it was great to be challenged and to look at things from different perspectives. Also great to see how analyticals & creatives can work together to get results. Highly recommend!
— Sam, (CA) Rightway Accounting
Thank you for a great session last evening. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it will be helpful for me going forward when we look at changing the way we do things. Is the change necessary? Who will be affected? Who are the stakeholders? Is this what they want? Is it fit for purpose?
— Vickey, BUPA
A super morning with Dorenda. She gave all the participants a great insight into design thinking in the New Zealand context. Everyone smiled and laughed as well as got ideas for how they will approach their work and organisation differently. Inspiring.
— Dorje, VARJA Ltd

Online Executive Course:

We are currently beta testing the first module of our exciting new online course, designed for people who are making staffing or financial decisions.

This self-directed online course is based on our Design Principles, and teaches participants how to apply each principle to their own work. The content can be completed in 3-4 hours per week. Active reflection on course content through day to day work is encouraged.

Who is it for?

The course is open to anyone, but has been designed for people who make staffing or financial decisions. The content will best serve people who are developing or creating a new piece of work. 

All course work is considered confidential, allowing a safe and supportive environment to explore and test new or commercially sensitive ideas.

Contact us for more details or to discuss our early adopter fees.