Online Design Thinking Programme

In depth study of the Design Principles in action. Designed as a six-module course with a study commitment of four to six hours per module.  Participants will engage with a cohort of students.  They will be encouraged to communicate with one-another via the learning platform. Cohorts will be offered opportunities for further face-to-face learning.

John Britten Scholarship

The John Britten Scholarship is for young people who are bright in ways that are not recognised by our current education system. They lack the advantage of a wider range of social support systems that can give them the skills and confidence to put themselves forward. The Britten Institute will provide mentoring, guidance and connections to help them participate fully in the design of products, services and systems that enhance New Zealand and its people.


A forty-five minute presentation challenging our product service and system development processes. Designed for professional organisations to prompt an in-depth conversation around value.