Our Offering

The Britten Institute has developed tools and methods to bring diverse people together, respect their differences and bring forward ideas guided by a set of universal principles.


Product or service evaluation

Making meaningful offerings - products, services and systems - requires an understanding of critical factors that most organisations are currently unprepared to meet. These factors are reshaping commerce right now! How might we create true value in our work immediately in a way that supports our journey into an unknown future?

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The Britten Institute’s approach deliberately brings diverse thinkers to the decision-making table and keeps them on purpose despite differences of opinion and approach. They are set to catalyse a new way of thinking that can apply to governance as well as product, service and system design, ensuring value for real people, planet and profit.
— Anake Goodall | Independent Director and Social Entrepreneur

Exploring The Future

We work with clients to explore their potential futures. This can manifest in a number of ways, depending on the unique situation and needs. We offer a complete facilitated process to shift your thinking about possibilities in anywhere between three hours and one week.

This is not just another Strategic Planning day.

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Dorenda did a superb job of facilitating our two day offsite technical think tank session.
We now have a number of clear objectives and actions which will result in some exciting new products.
— Gary Foot | Managing Director, Enatel