Hardcore Engineers Seeing the Light!

Over the years we have had the privilege of working with engineers and others from a variety of sectors. Engineers felt that they once had the power and the right to dominate nature. This generation are changing the narrative.


From Ben Exton, Structural Engineer:

“We are encouraging people into STEM subjects. It is important to recognise that STEM based organisations need to seek out their philosophical opposites. The STEM based approach to engineering has traditionally ignored its human and environmental impact. Our young engineers are making it clear that we must think more holistically about opportunity and effect.


Within our project teams, it is important to embrace cognitive diversity so that we can challenge each other to see new world views and improve the way things have always been done. The Britten Institute’s content provides a relatable framework for weaving in these new perspectives and has proven incredibly valuable in providing better project outcomes for the company, the community and the planet.”


A shy engineer from Aurecon reports:

“Dorenda is a natural public speaker and storyteller. She introduces Design Thinking for the 21st Century in an accessible and engaging way that leaves you wanting to develop more curiosity. Dorenda showed me that, as an engineer, I have an amazing opportunity to make a positive impact in the world and to work on things I can be truly proud of. By thinking like a designer, I can get a deeper and broader understanding of problems, which makes designing and engineering solutions all the more effective and satisfying.”


Illustration By Agnieszka Parr, Momentum Creative Ltd.

Illustration By Agnieszka Parr, Momentum Creative Ltd.