The Great News is You Can!

Last minute enquiries for all of our workshops are keeping us really busy.

Today we are thinking about the future of New Zealand. I make no apology for such a big statement, as this is what gets me out of bed in the morning. Everyday I find many reasons to question my habits and behaviours, in light of the changes we know we need to make to secure a better future. None of us are exempt.

The heightened anxiety, obvious in society, reflects our feelings of individual helplessness and the temptation for all of us is to believe that we can’t make a difference. The great news is you can!


The Britten Institute invites you to attend a workshop that offers a way of designing systems, services and products that will meet tomorrow’s needs. We do not offer solutions, but we do offer a guiding framework with the questions you need to ask of yourself and of others. The workshop format offers fun and engagement with others and is intended to empower rather than predict doom and gloom. We believe that New Zealand can become a global voice for a positive new future. A future where business and society work together, not against one another, to create wealth, to look after our environment, and to care for all of our citizens.

Illustration By Agnieszka Parr, Momentum Creative Ltd.

Illustration By Agnieszka Parr, Momentum Creative Ltd.