It’s time to hear from the accounting profession and a healthcare manager...

Sam Cherry – (CA) formally, Rightway Accounting:

“Really enjoyed the class, being a definite 'analytical' it was great to be challenged and to look at things from different perspectives. Also, great to see how analyticals & creatives can work together to get results. Highly recommend!”


Vickey Johnston – Quality manager at BUPA Aged Care:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop; it will be extremely helpful for me going forward when we look at changing the way we do things. Is the change necessary? Who will be affected? Who are the stakeholders? Is this what they want? Is it fit for purpose?”


Carla Martin – Accountant, Business Advisory Services, BDO Christchurch:

“As an accountant attending this design workshop, I was challenged to escape my own limiting mind-set, to approach problems creatively and to solve them innovatively.  I was encouraged to be empathetic, to be a part of the whole process and to value the unique perspective that I can bring.  These are the skills that set me apart from the technology that is taking over the Accounting profession and will make me a more useful advisor to our business customers.”

Image by Felicity Powell

Image by Felicity Powell