Hooray for Teachers

Just had a conversation with a secondary school teacher who has had a career in IT and management for some of the big-name companies in New Zealand. He is coming to the workshop and funding a Year 13 student to accompany him as he believes the student has huge potential. It’s fabulous to see these second career people being attracted into our education system.


I have some feedback for you today from another second career teacher, who attended one of our workshops earlier this year. I hope you enjoy it.


 “Recently, I had the good fortune to attend a workshop facilitated by Dorenda Britten, of the Britten Institute. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with somebody who has a real passion for embracing change and a set of design solution principles that help ensure that making the change can add value to your context.


As an educator, I find myself working in an environment that is in the midst of some radical, generational change and the design principles shared by Dorenda fit perfectly in an educational context, especially schools.


With the changes that are occurring in schools, particularly around curriculum redesign, we need to be approaching it with a fresh lens and the design principles outlined in the “Designing Solutions for the 21st Century” workshop, certainly provide a framework for us to use.


The workshop did a fabulous job of showing me that education is no different from any other industry, in that we should always be looking to improve and add value to our product and for our consumers. In our case our consumers are our students and our product is the curriculum we deliver.


The three hours spent with Dorenda were insightful, enjoyable and finished far too soon. I would encourage anybody who is looking to make changes and add value, to seek out Dorenda and the Britten Institute and discover the principles for “Designing Solutions for the 21st Century”