The Britten Institutes approach deliberately brings diverse thinkers to the decision-making table and keeps them on purpose despite differences of opinion and approach. They are set to catalyse a new way of thinking that can apply to governance as well as product, service and system design, ensuring value for real people, planet and profit.
— Anake Goodall - Independent Director and Social Entrepreneur

The Britten Institute has developed and is making available to a very broad audience, a set of design tools that will enable more New Zealanders to develop truly unique products, services and systems.

The tools encourage our acknowledged creativity and technical ability whilst providing a rigorous evaluation frame work to ensure customer value, environmental integrity and market success.
— Joanna Doolan - EY New Zealand

Finding enthusiastic like-minded individuals capable of facilitating a diverse bunch of personalities in a technical think tank sounds impossible. We were fortunate enough to recruit the services of Dorenda Britten from the Britten Institute.

Dorenda did a superb job of facilitating our two day offsite technical think tank session where our objective was to come away with innovative new product development ideas.

Not only was Dorenda able to tactfully facilitate as we manoeuvred our way through the various program stages she also introduced thought provoking ideas and tools to assist us in our journey. As a result we now have a number of clear objectives and actions which will result in some exciting new products for our company.

In summary, I would highly recommend Dorenda to those seeking a facilitator to assist with technical brainstorming sessions where results matter.
— Gary Foot, Managing Director, Enatel