Dorenda Britten Ltd is a business for good with the goal of creating value for the good of people, planet and profit. The company is focused on the way we design products, systems and services, ensuring that they serve the real needs of real people.

In a fast moving world, the need to quickly engage teams of diverse thinkers to confront big challenges is becoming increasingly critical. Diversity is commonly recognised as a cultural and gender differentiator, but we focus our attention on cognitive diversity. We believe cognitive diversity is the key to uncovering quality ideas that are future focused. If we embrace diverse thinking we will enhance social engagement and decision-making skills nationally.

The work of Dorenda Britten Ltd is driven by the value we place on sustainable design practices that acknowledge a responsibility for society and the environment, while securing a healthy financial future. We see this as aligning with New Zealand’s brand.

We want to embrace a new way of creating value that can change the world for good. We believe that our principles-based Design Thinking methodology can help to distill values and embed them in all that we do.

Our challenge is a big one but the advantages to us are obvious.

What shaped our thinking

Given that New Zealand was the first to give women the vote, the first to introduce social welfare, the first to split the atom, invent trench warfare, navigate rivers in jet boats, implement micro climate agriculture, manage stock with electric fences and so much more, we wondered how we could develop a decision framework to reflect the uniqueness of our country and build a defensible story behind New Zealand’s brand.

In a fast shifting world, we need to quickly engage teams of diverse thinkers. If we bring a broader cross-section of society into decision-making, we will not only enhance social engagement but also the quality of our thinking nationally. Higher-quality thinking will bring forward better ideas to fuel our future development.